Post without a name

안녕하세요! 안녕 ^^

I’m a huge, huge fan of Talk to Me in Korean. Like, if TTMIK didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t still be trying to learn Korean. Not because I don’t want to, but because I have trouble finding other resources (that work as well for me) to help me with the language-learning process.

Today I opened a flashcard app on my phone that I, admittedly, hadn’t touched for kind of a long time. I don’t even want to admit to myself how long it has been. Anyway, I downloaded a few Quizlet decks for Level 1 of the TTMIK grammar lessons and started going through them.

Deck 1 = Lessons 1-10: Going well. I can remember just about everything with the exception of a couple words.

Deck 2 = Lessons 11-20: Eh, not as good as the first one. This one is a little more challenging and I keep forgetting some things I KNOW I should remember.

Deck 3 = Lessons 21+: Absolutely horrible. While I can remember things, the things I don’t know far outnumbers what I do. Sadly, a lot of the content looks rather unfamiliar to me.

So how long have I been “learning” Korean? I’m not even sure. It’s been at least a couple months. I’ll say that for sure. Sometimes I look at other people’s progress in the language and I feel like I should know so much more than I do. How are they advancing so quickly and I’m not?

Well, maybe I’m not working hard enough.

No, there’s no “maybe” about that. I need to work harder. So maybe this blog will keep me accountable or something.

Will you help me stay on track? I hope so! And I will do the same for you.

fighting hwaiting shinee key



3 thoughts on “Post without a name

    1. I’ve used a couple different flashcard apps as well as the native Quizlet app. I think I just searched Talk to Me in Korean and TTMIK. I might have specified a level like “TTMIK Level 1”.

      I don’t know if the search results are the same for you, but if they are it’s the decks that are at the beginning. “TTMIK Level 1: Lessons 1-10” and etc.


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